Our Past

 George’s BGS in Tbilisi was established as the first British-oriented Secondary School in 2003, under the name of British Connection. In 2013, it was renamed St. George’s British-Georgian School, which is already an international institution consisting of all stages: Primary School (Key stage 1 and 2), Basic School (Key stages 3 and 4) and Secondary school (6th form).[/su_note]

With more than ten years of operation, the school has rapidly developed into one of Georgia’s most successful schools with a reputation second to none for academic excellence and a cosy, amicable atmosphere. Employing highly qualified local and foreign teachers and instructors as well as other well-trained personnel, the school has consistently been ranked among the top 3 international schools for university qualifying programmes.

Being a registered centre for Edexcel International and Industry International Qualifications and UCAS, the school enables its students to obtain international qualifications in different fields, take the IGCSE and A-Level exams and gain entry to the best Universities in Europe, Asia and the USA. 40% of our alumni already study at prestigious European (British or continental) and American Universities. The remaining 60% continue their studies at the best Georgian Universities.

Why choose St. George’s British Georgian School?

The future is international, and the international language is English. By choosing St. George’s for your child you will be giving him/her the chance to be successful not only in Georgia, but also in the international world which he or she will join as an adult.

There is a maximum of 16 students in each class. The school’s results in the Georgian and British IGCSE examinations are both very good. Each student is helped by the teachers to achieve his/her best results.

Choosing the St. George’s British Georgian School could be the best decision you ever make for your children’s future.

Our Present

At the secondary school stage the students benefit from a combined and integrated curriculum which fulfills the Georgian national requirements, but which includes features of British educational methods.

The unique feature of our school is that (as well as following the Georgian curriculum) students are also prepared for the internationally recognised British IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Students sit these examinations in Year 9 (English and Russian) and in Year 10 (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and History). These qualifications can be used to join university courses and university foundation courses in USA, UK, and Europe.

  • There is also an opportunity at the school to study for higher level British GCE (General Certificate of Education) at Advanced (‘A’) level as well as IGCSEs. The British examinations are set by boards licensed by the British Government. The examination entries are sent to UK for grading and moderation, ensuring the value of the qualifications.
  • Optional American SAT courses are also taught in BGS in Years 11 and 12 in General, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The University of Cambridge English Language qualifications can also be earned at BGS.
  • The instruction for British qualification is in English; for the Georgian qualifications, Georgian; and for the SAT, in both languages.


  • Overcoming obstacles

    This year, the students of BGS became active members of the scout movement. In May and June, they embarked on a number of exciting adventures: they visited a scout base in Rustavi, climbed the Manglisi Forest, learned to walk the...
  • Bittersweet event

    This year, on June 13th, the school graduation event was held outside at the school stadium in compliance with all the rules. The school’s headmistress Eka Kvachantiradze, the invited guests Bakur Kvashilava and Elene Jgarkava - Dean of Caucasus School...
  • BGS students for kindness

    As is tradition, on May 6, St. George's Day, our school held an annual charity exhibition sale, which was dedicated to the memory of our student, Nika Meskhi. The students prepared for this day all year round. This year, due...