School organizes different visits for the junior students within the frame of the subject ”Basics of Georgian Culture”

On February 8, Year 5 students visited the Treasury of the State Museum to see the sanctities kept there. They had been given information about the meaning and history of the exhibits in advance. They were especially impressed by Anchiskhati, the Khakhuli triptych icon of Virgin Mary, The Cross of Queen Tamar and her jewelry.

Year 2 students visited old parts of Tbilisi. They witnessed the clock of Marionette Theatre hitting 12:00, visited Anchiskhati and Sioni cathedral and saw the sanctities kept there – The Cross of St. Nino, the copy of the icon of Virgin Mary of Iveria. In the end, they visited the Transfiguration nunnery where they painted the impressions of the day. Their superb behaviour towards one another while visiting different places was remarkable too.

Years 3 and 4 students visited The Museum of Manuscripts. Students had been informed about the ancient manuscripts beforehand, but when they actually saw the real manuscripts and heard stories about their creation, they were greatly impressed and interested. The children were especially fascinated by the manuscript of “The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin”, which dates back to 1680.

Year 1 students visited National Puppet Theatre for the third time in February. Children greatly enjoyed the new version of Vinnie the Pooh.