School Mission

The mission of our school is to nurture thoughtful people who are active participants in the progressive society of the modern world. 

School Values

Qualified teachers, an individual approach, and a focus on comprehension provides our students with the intellectual foundation necessary for critical thinking right from the first grade. We achieve it through our unique teaching system which combines the British and Georgian curricula.

Thorough understanding of the introduced material is the basis for developing multifunctional thinking, which allows a person to contribute to modern society and improves their own micro or macro worlds. Each component of our unique model of education serves to constant training of the mind and arms a new generation with theoretical, practical, creative, critical, productive, and reproductive skills.

We take joy in our work and create healthy environment and atmosphere in school. We believe that it sets a good example for our students, strengthens their sense of dignity and plays a crucial role in their personal and moral development.

Unity guides our behaviour. We take an individual approach to each child, parent, and stuff-member, considering their needs and desires.

We are proud of our identity. Realising who we are, where we have been and what is our final goal is the guarantee of the better future of Georgia. It fortifies our congruity and self-determination.

Our success is the asset of the whole team and every solution of any problem is taken unanimously.